21 Mar 2016
CIP Triathlon Team
CIP Project
Dave Ruston, Johathan Herb and Kerryn Minehan
CIP Project
Kerryn Minehan and Kelly Mendoza
CIP Project
Dave Ruston, Simon Pikkat and Jonathan Herb
CIP Project

A gloomy early morning start marked the beginning of the 2016 Sydney Corporate Triathlon. Undeterred, the CIP Triathlon team gallantly made the early Sunday morning trek into Sydney’s CBD.

The Triathlon is held in the beautiful gardens of The Domain and is flanked by Sydney’s CBD and iconic Sydney Harbour. The event consists of 3 stages, a 300m swim, 8km cycle and a 3km run. The stages are completed either as a relay, or in groups completing all 3 legs as a team.

CIP was represented by; Dave Ruston, Jonathan Herb, Kerryn Minehan, Simon Pikkat, Ross Guy, Kelly Mendoza, Daniel Galea, Jim Connell, Adam Jenner, Liam Smith, John Koumoukelis and Jorge Garcia Paramo.

Success this year was delivered by CIP’s own Dave Ruston, who took out a superb second overall individual time of 30 minuets & 32 seconds. In an event with participants reaching into the thousands, this represents a huge achievement. CIP also had multiple top 200 rankings, with all participants returning respectable times.



  Swim Bike Run Overall (inc. transitions)
Dave Ruston 05:37 09:17 09:50 30:32
Jonathan Herb 07:38 09:35 11:49 35:44
Kerryn Minehan 07:05 10:49 11:08 36:01
Simon Pikkat 08:24 11:11 12:05 37:49
Ross Guy 07:04 12:49 12:41 38:36
Kelly Mendoza 06:01 14:11 11:34 39:45
Daniel Galea 07:41 13:29 13:34 42:12
Jim Connell 10:35 11:46 14:43 44:46