23 Nov 2015
New Foodbank Facility
CIP Project

Foodbank is a not-for-profit organisation operating across Australia. Foodbank aims to work in conjunction with other charities and community groups to provide essential food products to assist these partners in providing food to those who need it most.

Foodbank provides warehouse and logistic services to charities and community groups to store and transport food. Foodbank acts as a giant pantry for these organisations and provides a vital link between charitable organisations and the food industry’s surplus food stocks.

In 2015, Foodbank provided enough food to produce 60,000,000 meals per year, and with an ever growing demand, new warehouse and logistic space was desperately needed for its Sydney branch.

CIP partnered with Foodbank to design and deliver a custom solution. After a grant from the NSW Government, a site was selected in Western Sydney and CIP commenced construction of Foodbank’s purpose built facility.

This brand new purpose built facility was designed to allow the distribution of up to 31,000,000 meals a year from this one location. This massive expansion almost triples Foodbanks capacity in NSW.

CIP will continue to assist Foodbank in reaching more and more of those in need in the future.

To view Foodbank’s new facility, click here